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Functional Movement


Have you heard of the expression “fundamentals first?”

All top-level trainers, professionals, and experts advocate the simplistic approach of having the fundamentals before anything else.
 One of the challenges today is that many of us want progress to the next level without having our fundamentals down first, even though we think we do!  This is a problem. What happens is people are putting exercise and weights on top of dysfunctional movement patterns, which can impair performance and cause injuries

The number one goal we should all have with an exercise program is to prevent injury. This comes before any goal of fat loss, weight loss, muscle building, or performance enhancement. If you get hurt, then none of those goals even matter because you can’t train.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a 7 part movement screen that identifies muscle imbalances of the body and dysfunctional movement as it relates to performing various movements in a fitness program.

Benefits of the Functional Movement Screen

-Maximizes exercise performance, while minimizing the risk of injury

-Identifies risk factors for injuries, diminishing the need for extensive testing and analysis

-Establishes specific exercises that should and shouldn't be included in your program based on your weakest links

-The FMS can be applied to any fitness level, and  it identifies specific exercises based on an individuals FMS scores, to instantly create a customized treatment plan to improve functional movement patterns.

"You can't stack strength on top of dysfunction"- Gray Cook (this is a quote you can put somewhere on the page if you like)

Who Can Benefit From The FMS

Simply put ANYONE that is or plans on partaking in exercise. . Every type of exercise requires movement, and has the potential of being dysfunctional movement that can lead to injuries.

Screening cost: $75

Follow Up Progress Sessions: $40 (recommended every 3-4 weeks)

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